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Let our Alpacas Put a Smile on Your Face

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What is a cria anyway?

A cria (prounced “cre-a”) is the correct term for an alpaca that is less than one year old.

Maximus, named by our son Michael, is our youngest cria on the ranch. I wanted you to meet him today.

His mom is Ariel, his dad is Mr. Cash. Next October he should have a little brother or sister as his parents “got together” when he was three weeks old. That’s how it’s done with alpaca; they are bred three weeks after the mom has delivered.

Maximus has yet to come up to me and let me feed him; he stays close to his mom and to the other crias here, although they also stay near their moms. He will need to be weighed next week so I can make sure he’s growing at the right pace.

Max is “kushing”, meaning he has his legs bent under his body to rest. All is good when they are kush and gather up some sunshine. Today it’s a good day for Max.