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Caramel Sundae - What's your plans?

Caramel Sundae surprising her new friend
Caramel Sundae's cria (baby alpaca) was due May 28th. My life has been on hold ever since then. I've canceled alpaca trainings, volunteer commitments, short trips, shopping, etc. I'm watching on "Ring" most other times so I can be there to help this first-time mother just in case she needs assistance.
In the meantime, this beautiful girl is just as happy as can be, eating her grain, nibbling on her carrots, and bossing her friends around. She carefully kushes (gets on the ground) on her tummy and nibbles on that fresh hay that I bring to her.
Everyone is watching the movement of her cria. Those little legs are definitely kicking and moving, which is a good sign that baby is alive and healthy.
If the little one is born today, it may be named "Windy" because we have so much wind in Wayne County that it would be appropriate.
Should you be someone who follows us on Instagram (circlecliffranchalpacas) or Facebook, we will do a live birth on Facebook if I'm out there. We'll announce and do a show and tell as soon as it's possible because so many of you are as anxious as we at the ranch are.
I think even Odin is tired of waiting for this little one.
Please stay tuned!