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What's Happening Here?

Alpaca Dryer Balls too!
Mike and I have spent time this week doing some herd health (that's what we do here to help keep everyone healthy). We gave Finnegan SirPrize his three-month shot and Melvin a shot to help him with his dry lip condition that hasn't gone away. We trimmed Norah June's front toe nails and walked her around so she wouldn't feel "picked on" because nail trimming is not always fun. We also rubbed some "zinc lotion" on Praline Sundae and Cocoa Sundae's noses. They have bare spots there; today the lotion was completely absorbed!
Besides preparing for Thanksgiving, we at the ranch are preparing for
Small Business Saturday
Saturday, November 26, 2022.
11am - 4pm
This is our first time offering this to the pubic and we want you to know we are excited. We hope to have local shoppers as well as offer anyone that can't shop in person to shop our web page (here) or email orders. We have a nice selection of things we haven't offered before, and if it goes well, we would be willing to do another shopping day in December.
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Thank you for your support and all you do to offer encouragement through watching us on Reel, Facebook, Instagram, and especially Ranch Visits. We have enjoyed hundreds of people visiting us this year, and our alpacas are quite friendly (the exception will always be the mama who just had her baby and when I take it to weight it.) I prepare to be spit on then, and then I am ON MY OWN!