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Sponsor An Alpaca

The Perfect Gift for Yourself or Someone You Love

Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas LLC Sponsorship Program

Would you like to own an alpaca?

Don’t have a farm or property where you can keep a few?  If you just had a ranch visit here, you now know they are herd animals so need at least three.

Are you feeling like you don't
 have the time or expertise right now to care for an alpaca but you fell in love with one?

Today is your lucky day.

Odin says it’s possible!

At Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas, we have a way to fulfill your dream of having an alpaca right now without the commitment that owning alpacas may require.

Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas LLC has several alpacas chosen for our Sponsorship program. Odin thinks you should choose him, but an alpaca may also be one of your favorites.  Of course, if you have one in mind but it's not shown here, please let us know and we can make that one ready for you to sponsor.  

Please note, the chosen alpaca will remain on our ranch and will continue to be our ownership.  

Your investment fee will help keep your favorite alpaca (or Odin) well-fed and cared for. 

This includes:
       *feed (hay and mineral pellets);
       *shearing fees;
       *general husbandry (teeth and toes trimmed, yearly booster shots); and
       *veterinary care as needed.

 We offer three different sponsoring options for your consideration:

What's included in your One Month Sponsorship?
A copy of your Sponsorship Certificate
A copy of your chosen alpaca’s registration certificate from Alpaca Owners Association
A framed picture of your sponsored alpaca (or Odin)


Wha's included in your Six-Month Sponsorship?

       *A copy of your Sponsorship Certificate
      *A copy of your chosen alpaca’s registration certificate from Alpaca Owners Association.
A 5x7 picture of your Sponsored Alpaca (or Odin)
If you are in the area, a ranch visit with up to eight people included (consider bringing grandma and grandpa with you) OR
a 15 minute FACETIME visit, to be scheduled at least 24 hours prior to the FACETIME visit, at a time agreeable to both the Sponsor and Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas LLC (call or email to set up the time),

What’s included in the One Year Sponsorship? 

All of the above items and
A sample of your alpaca’s fiber from shearing time. 
A one-time 20% discount on any one item purchased at our Paca Shop (either in person or online) during the year.
A Valentine’s Day Card and a Christmas Card to you from your alpaca (or Odin). 

One month  $30      ($1 dollar a day or $360 a year)
Six month        $175     ($29 a month or $350 a year)
One Year                         $250      (55 cents a day or $21 a month)

How to Sponsor Your Alpaca

*Visit Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas either in person or online at

*Select your Favorite Alpaca (or Odin)

*Complete the attached registration form

*Complete your Sponsorship purchase through the store, in person, online or by phone

*Upon receipt for your registration form and payment in full, your Sponsorship Package will be prepared and mailed to you. The start and end date on the certificates will show the receipt of your payment date.

       Your investment in the adoption program will help us continue to ensure that your sponsored alpaca (or Odin) and his/her friends are enjoying their life to the fullest.  Your contribution, or investment, is NON-REFUNDABLE and does not constitute ownership of the alpaca. The alpaca (or Odin) always stay on the ranch.  It is a sponsorship and supports our alpaca or Odin. Please understand that another person may also sponsor the same alpaca as you. 
At Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas LLC, we are committed to providing the best feed, mineral supplements, and general care available for all our alpacas.  If your selected alpaca becomes no longer available for any reason during your Sponsorship period, you will be able to choose a replacement alpaca for the duration of your Sponsorship period.

Odin says “Thanks for your love and support” and hopes you’ll be here soon to give him a big tummy rub.

 How to pick Your Alpaca

Look at the different alpacas we have, or look at the blog pictures.  Look at their names and information about each of them, or remember them when you have visited us. Check pictures on Instagram if you've forgotten about any of them. Then decide which one or ones you would like to adopt.

While the babies (crias) are really cute, they may not like to leave their moms. After they are older, they may interact differently depending on their personalities. Every alpaca is different. Some are very happy to be with humans, and some are more shy. We try to have our alpacas be happy to be around people, but they are like people. Everyone is different, just like us!

Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas LLC Alpaca Adoption Registration Form

General Instructions

If you are giving the sponsorship as a gift, please include your name and address as well as the name and address of the gift recipient (Sponsor)

Is this a gift Sponsorship?     Y   N   If yes, please provide the following:

Your Name ________________________________________________

Your Email address__________________________________________

Your Phone Number_________________________________________

Person Receiving the Sponsorship


 Street Address___________________________________________            City  ___________________________________________________


 Zip Code______________________

Telephone Number  _____________________________Cell  Home Work (circle)

Email Address _____________________________________________

Birthdate __________________________________________________(year not needed)

Name of Alpaca(s)  (or dog) to be Adopted___________________________________________________

Please include any comments, special instructions or questions: ________________________________________________________________________

Please submit this information to [email protected] and we will complete this Adoption with you.
We will calling/asking for credit card information to complete the transaction after accepting your paperwork.



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