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SOLD "Best Buds"

Aragon 's Cria and Redford's Yarn
$7.00 (8%)
SKU: #218
"Best Buds" is so soft and sweet, which is how it got it's name. Hand spun and hand knit from Redford's fleece and Aragon's cria fleece. This luxurious hat has a faux Pom Pom hat is removable should you wish to ever wash the hat, or even permanently remove it.

Both Redford and Aragon's yarns are grade 1, the very best. You'll know this as you feel this and wear it too.

I have marked the size Medium to Large; as always, alpaca yarns have "give" to them as they are worn. Consider this as you decide what size to wear.

Care instructions listed are: "Hand wash in cold water; lay flat to dry. Never wash or dry in a washing machine or dryer,

I suggest storing all alpaca products in a zip lock bag during the summer months to avoid any damage by bugs, such as moths.

All sales are final; no returns.

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