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Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas

Let our Alpacas Put a Smile on Your Face

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Educational Ranch Visits

Let our Alpacas Put a Smile on Your Face
$5.00 (20%)

Educational experiences - one hour $20 for ages 12 up $10 for ages 4-11 free for ages 3 and under

Feeling stresses from city life?n Need to find a way to connect with nature? It 's here where we share a slower lifestyle with our beautiful herd of alpacas, chickens, cats and livestock guardian dogs.

We offer you a way to to connect with the smells, sounds and a different way of life in the high mountain valleys near Capitol Reef National Park. We're about three hours from Salt Lake City and St. George, Utah and Grand Junction, Colorado,

Are alpacas friendly? What's the difference between alpacas and llamas? Do alpacas like to spit at people? How long are they pregnant? How many babies do they even have? How long do they live? Your questions will be answered, and when you'll leave us with a greater understanding and connection to these beautiful, spiritual animals too.

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Want more to your experience? GOOGLE AirBNB "Alpaca Meet and Greet Experiences" and sign up there. More time spent with us and even more options to choose from.