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Alpaca dryer balls-set of 3

Set of Three
$5.00 (15%)
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You probably have heard how many chemicals are in dryer sheets.

If you haven't, please google that now and come back before you order these.

If you have, go ahead and push through your order. You won't be sorry. These are so wonderful. I personally use them with every dryer load I dry. These cut back your dryer time - so please check your clothes often while drying if your dryer isn't modern enough to have a sensor.

Choose a set of three, I actually use 3-5 with each depending on how many are in laundry baskets at the time.
Each one is approximately three ounces and about 4 inches in diameter. They are really a good size and a great value.

Terms & Conditions

$5 shipping for your first set; Add $3 for your second set. Add $1 for your third set. I'll pay for any additional set if you purchase them at the same time. That means any shipping of four sets will cost you only $9 -- what a deal! Better take me up on this until I come to my senses.