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Bronze Age

Wayne County Fair Prize Winner
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Bronze Age is brought to you by Peligram. 99% alpaca (professionally dyed at Crooked Fence Mill) with 1% bling)
This fun and funky hat comes with a detachable (non alpaca) pom pom that can be removed so you can wear the hat with or without it.

Peligram (aka Peli) is the first alpaca born at Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas on 6/16/16. He is also the tallest alpaca we have, and one of the tallest ones in Utah. He has the biggest, most expressive brown eyes and long, long eyelashes. Extremely friendly and loving, he enjoys ranch visitors, eating out of our hands, and giving kisses. He also enjoys providing us with beautiful fleeces each year, and has recently worked on giving future crias (babies) to some of the female alpacas. WE SHALL SEE!

For this hat -- there is free shipping within the USA if it is purchased on or before December 31, 2023. After that time, shipping will be added to the purchase price. Peli asked me personally to run this special for him, and I will honor that.

Size Medium-Large, and alpaca will "relax" or give a bit after wearing.

Care: Wash in cold water, gently, and dry flat. Block and reshape if necessary. Never wash or dry in a washing machine or dryer! If not worn for long periods of time, please store in a air-tight bag so moth larvae do not eat this.

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