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Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas

Let our Alpacas Put a Smile on Your Face

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"Let our Alpacas Put a Smile on Your Face"

Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas

"Let our Alpacas Put a Smile on Your Face"

Established in 2015, we are the largest and happiest alpaca ranch in Wayne County, Utah.

Call or text Diena now at
email her
to schedule your visit.

We'd love to be one of your favorite memories of the year.

You'll have different levels of visits. We'll customized the tours to fit your family's expectations.

Choose to watch, feed, and learn interesting facts about our alpacas (educational ranch experience),

Shop at our Paca Shop, hold a chicken, sweep the barn, or shovel some ... alpaca "back gold."

Let us help you design your best time at the ranch!

Located only three hours south of Salt Lake City, we are nestled in the beautiful mountains with the rich abundance of activities in our backyard. Capitol Reef National Park, a hidden treasure, is only 12 miles away. Many people love to visit our ranch either before or after they've experienced a great hike at Capitol Reef, or fishing in the nearby mountains or Fremont River.We are the happiest and largest alpaca ranch in Wayne County, Utah.

We love our alpacas and each of their beautiful faces and unique personalities, which is what got us into the alpaca lifestyle in the first place.

Our alpacas provide us with beautiful fleeces yearly, usually in May. After that, they are either hand or mill-spun. Diena will then begin to either hand knit or weave their fleece into amazing, one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art, available in our Paca Shop on our ranch, at The OId House on Center and Main (Torrey, Utah), at the Burr Trail Outpost (Boulder, Utah), or online!

We offer you a variety of unique alpaca experiences to choose from. It may be, for example, up close and personal, more hands-on experience and more in-depth experiences. Our basic ranch experience current prices are:

Children 4 and under: free;
Ages 5-11 $10 each
Ages 12 and up $20 each.

If you wanted to add on walking an alpaca with a halter, or doing an alpaca art project, you would be charged extra and more time would be needed. Please mention that at the time of your booking.

Prices will be changing as of September 1st due to increases on our end.
If you have a large group, such as a family reunion, please contact us for possible group rates.

Consider having our ranch be a part of your family reunion, photo location, bridal shoot, picnic venue and a place shopping for that one-of-a-kind unique gift item -- either for yourself or someone else.

Because we do not like to over-stress our alpacas, we limit our daily ranch visits, so please plan ahead.

We will be happy to accept your payment to hold your spot. If cancelled in writing before 24 hours, a refund may be given.*

*If not cancelled in writing with less than 24 hours given, our alpacas will appreciate your donation for them (as they will more than likely not be able to fill that spot and were counting on that income to help feed them). Thank you for your understanding.