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Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas

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About Us

Welcome to Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas

Gary & family with Norah June

Gary & family with Norah June

     From the first time I saw alpacas in person, I knew they were the animals I'd would share my "second act" with. Working with the animals and their fiber, I feel am able to connect with my Dutch ancestors as I work the magic while carding, spinning, and knitting high-end unique, wearable pieces of art. 

How did we get started?

             We began our journey with alpacas with the purchase of just one skein of alpaca yarn. From touching  and working with that beautiful yarn, it led  to on-line research. From there, we and a few granddaughters visited alpaca ranches in Utah, fell in love with them, and the rest is history.

      Now we can say we are OBSESSED with everything alpaca because they are unlike any other any other creatures who walk the earth! They can calm you down on a bad day, and lift your spirits higher on a wonderful one. To work with their fleece takes you to another dimension altogether. To help bring along a little cria (baby) into our world is another experience unlike any other.

Where are we?

           You'll find us about three hours from Salt Lake City, Utah, St. George, Utah or Grand Junction, Colorado. Located between Bicknell and Torrey, Utah, and just minutes away from Capitol Reef National Park. We are the happiest and largest alpaca ranch in Wayne County, Utah.

            We share our adventures with 30 beautiful alpacas, two livestock guardian dogs (Charlie and Odin), many chickens and roosters, and four inside-outside, adventurous cats.  


More about alpacas?

             Our alpacas love living in the high mountain area (7,200 elevation). It must be so like their native areas in Peru and Bolivia. Because of the sameness in climates, their fleeces are so beautiful and perfect for me to work with. Our alpacas are shorn once a year in early spring. From there, it's up to me to decide what to do with everything they gift us with.

Did you know?
            *Alpaca fleece is often referred to as the "New Cashmere."
            *Alpaca products are three times warmerthan wool. You won’t find the itchy feeling that you do with wool products.
            *Alpaca repels water so rain on your hats or scarves can be easily blotted up.
            *Alpaca fiber is flame retardant.
            *Alpaca does not attract static electricity, which otherwise may attract dust.
            *Soil and most stains on the surface of an alpaca item can usually be easily be removed by brushing with a lint brush or damp sponge.


 Now what?       

     We offer you authentic ranch visits, introducing you to alpacas and our alpaca lifestyle.
We hope when you leave us it'll be with a HUGE smile on your face. 

Ranch visits are pre-scheduled, and fill up quickly.
We can handle large groups like family reunions, or smaller more intimate groups. Experiences are:

typically lasting one hour
 most Mondays through Saturday, closed Sundays.

Our Paca Shop offers:
*a great variety of high-end alpaca products
*hats and headbands
woven wall art 
*hand and mill-woven alpaca yarns
*roving by the ounce
*alpaca souvenirs
        *alpaca socks and gloves

Everything we carry from our alpacas has been hand-crafted with love.

Please contact me if you are interested in scheduling a visit,
or learning more about raising alpacas for yourself.

Call or text Diena 801-597-0124

Email Diena at [email protected]

We have some beautiful alpacas for sale. Let's see what
 "packages" might work if you are just starting out.

I'd love to be your mentor and help you get started in your alpaca adventure. (Please ask for our references.)




Girls grazing on pasture

Girls grazing on pasture

Geoffrey getting his treat

Geoffrey getting his treat

A guest spending her birthday with the alpacas

A guest spending her birthday with the alpacas

Sisters getting ready to give grain to the girls

Sisters getting ready to give grain to the girls

Tuesday, October 17, 2023