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About Us

Welcome to Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas

Located between Bicknell and Torrey, Utah, just minutes away from Capitol Reef National Park, we are the happiest and largest alpaca ranch in Wayne County, Utah.We share our adventures with 28 beautiful alpacas, two livestock guardian dogs (Charlie and Odin), many chickens and four inside-outside, adventurous cats.

During our authentic ranch visits, we’ll introduce you to alpacas and the alpaca lifestyle, and help you fall in love with them.

If you are interested in having alpacas join your life, we will help you begin your journey and mentor you so you'll be successful too.

Our ranch visits are pre-scheduled, and fill up quickly. They are educational, interactive, and typically last one hour. We are open most Mondays through Saturday, and closed Sundays. We have no public restrooms.


We can handle large groups like family reunions, or smaller more intimate groups.Our “Paca Shop” is open, and we have a great variety of high-end alpaca products that come from our alpacas (hats, scarves, woven art and yarns). Everything we carry from our alpacas has been hand-crafted with love.

If you are a spinner or felt, you can buy roving by the ounce. Other alpaca souvenirs are available at a variety of prices.

We look forward to hearing from you. We can be reached by texting or calling us at 801-597-0124 or at


My Why

From the first time I saw alpacas in person, I knew alpacas were the animals with whom I would share my "second act" with.

I am able to connect with my Dutch ancestors as I work the magicwhile carding, spinning, and knitting high-end unique, wearable piecesof art. Our alpacas love living in the high mountain area, just twelvemiles before Capitol Reef National Park.

Alpacas are shorn once a year, and we are gifted with their beautiful fleece. From there, it’s up to us to do themagic with their gift.

Alpacas are the New Cashmere! Alpaca products are three times warmerthan wool! You won’t find the itchy feeling that you do with woolproducts.

My husband and I (along with 28 alpacas, two Livestock Guardian Dogs, four inside/outside cats and one inside dogs, eleven chickens, and three proud roosters) find solace living at Circle CliffRanch Alpacas, raising and nurturing the largest and happiest alpacas inWayne County, Utah. You’ll find us at mile marker 63 on highway 24.

Please contact me if you are interested in scheduling a visit, or learning more about raising alpacas for yourself.


*****Much older posts -- read if you wish to. They are good, old memories for us. ****

Long and Winding Road

May 25, 2018

Our son and daughters and a friend safely arrived to spend MemorialWeekend with us. It wouldn’t be the same without this yearly tradition.It’s time to get out and do the chores — no doubt everyone will look upat me while I walk to the barn with my own critters following behind me.Foxie, Dexter, Snowflake and Kit Kat.

I usually begin with the “girls” because I’m beginning to be on“bottom” watch. With Tomar Leche’ due in a week, I start the “bottom”watching every morning around 8 am. I’m watching Ariel and Pixie too, asthey are both rather large and not due for a few more weeks.May 3, 2018

Our shearing is behind us. Today we separated the yearlings fromtheir mothers, and tonight they’ll spend their first full nighttogether. Hopefully the fresh hay and extra grain will give them a gooddistraction tonight.Tomorrow morning I’ll bring out the little red halters and M will helpme restrain Linda and Neal’s three boys and I will work on haltertraining. Hopefully I can get some work done with Caramel Sundae too.The fun never ends!April 2018

We are preparing for our 2018 shearing date. We have a new shearingcrew that we are trying this year. Our 25 alpacas, plus two we areboarding, will be done in one morning. We have many awesome volunteerswho will help us.This year we will be giving shots to our alpacas at the same time weshear. How will that go? We will have to report back to you. It’ssomething new — conquer two herd management items on the same day.Do you have suggestions of what you would like to do when you scheduleyour ranch visit? I’d love to hear from you. Please send me suggestionsand I’ll see if they can be worked into an activity here.Thank you for following along with our alpaca adventures!September 2017Every day can be a long and winding road on the ranch. You never reallyknow how the day will go, what will happen, and sometimes how to handleit.This summer was a rough one. Immediately after shearing June 2017,Angela became lame and we lost her and her full-term female cria threedays later. A second tragedy occurred July 2017 when two dogs dug underour fence and one of them attacked Dutch Chocolate, who died 2.5 weekslater despite extensive efforts by Doc Jake and M and me.With regards to these set backs, I must admit I was not and am still notprepared for loss of my livestock. I have heard, however, that I mustbe prepared for deadstock.And so it goes.

From June 2016:Continual efforts need to be focused on my sweet piece of heaven, and ittakes time and help. I can’t do a lot of it without a second pair ofhands (and sometimes two more pair of hands). I should have had morekids!!!!Until the weekend, I have to put off the big things. From earlier posts:“It took about four months to get Charlie and Toby here. We found themin Ohio (I see you are are asking why Ohio). Looking for the right fitin guardian dogs, we wanted ones that were born and bred to becompatible with alpacas. These boys were.We first needed to buy the house. Check. We needed to sell our SoJo home and our Camping House. Check.I needed to retire. Check.Then the right fence needed to replace the not so sturdy fence.. And, we needed to get the gentlemen here to install it. Check.Our “girls” (alpacas) were busy with breedings. Once that was completedand their pregnancies confirmed, we drove to Heber to get them. Check.OH NO! Now the puppies were big puppies, and we couldn’t find a plane tofly them to Utah. Finally found United Pet Safe would fly them onOctober 31st, but that would be the last day. So frantically weproblem-solved. Our breeder drove them to Detroit after we were able tofind TWO GIANT crates. One problem: They wouldn’t fly the doggies toSalt Lake City. They would, however, fly them to Denver.So, we did a Double Dog run to Denver, got them loaded in the truck bed (covered), and drove them to their now Home Sweet Home.”Check.

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