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Circle Cliff's Finnegan SirPrize

A Stunning "SirPrize"

Alpaca , Huacaya , Cria Male |Unproven |Medium Fawn, Dark Fawn

AOA | DOB: 8/18/2022 (Under 1 yr)


Stunning potential

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Circle Cliff's Finnegan SirPrize was truly a wonderful "surprise" for us. Although this was a planned breeding, mother Jasmin showed no signs of a pregnancy in either a change of temperament or weight. His birth was a total happy “SirPrize” for us at the ranch,? Mama Crooked Fence Jasmin is a beautiful but reserved lady. His father, Springtoo Oh Geoffrey, so dark and handsome, truly won over Jasmin's heart!
Finnegan's coloring is so, so beautiful; his crimp was outstanding from the beginning. Looking at his face you'll see at once it is beautiful and well-proportioned. He has just enough dark fawn coloring to outline his smile in the best way. His legs also have the beautiful darker features that make him "outstanding" as you look at him up close and from a distance.
This cria appears to have his father's density and favors his mother's beautiful quality of fleece. We see that he's becoming the "total package" as he is maturing. ?
On March 20th, Finn at grain out of one of our ranch visitor's hands for the first time. We always offer a prize to the first person that gets a cria to eat grain out of their hands. It's always a guest that helps with this challenge; it's part of the magic of socializing our alpacas. Congratulations to our guests, Will and Erin, who are engaged and stopped here for a ranch visit. Will was like a "alpaca whisperer" and Finn ate several times from his hand. Let him eat from your hand. He has a happy future in store.
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Updated 4/17/2023