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A little on this one, a little on that one

Well, here I am trimming Tabby’s nails. Lucky for her, they weren’t very long nails this time. Tabby’s former mommy, Carol, has kept them trimmed and tidy and that’s what I intend to do.

For alpacas, the lighter in color the alpaca is, the faster their nails grow. Wouldn’t that be nice for this human?

Trimming takes place AFTER you capture the alpaca. I will show you later how that is done, but for today I’ll explain trimming.

1) Catch the alpaca.

2) Isolate them into a corner where you can work without injury.

3) Start with the front legs.

4) Touch the alpaca from the shoulder and slowly go down.

5) Lift the foot.

6) Don’t fart around; just get to it!

7) Slide the nail trimmer down the soft pad of the foot and trim straight down.

8) Optional: square off the end.

9) Repeat: a total of four legs.

10) Warning: hind nails are harder because alpacas don’t like their hind feet messed with.

11) Release.

12) Go for the next alpaca that you have isolated in the corral.

13) Celebrate you are DONE for now! Thank everyone that helped you.

12) Record on health records.