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Needed that Camera

Today on the ranch was one of those days when I needed my phone or my camera! It started out with me taking some oranges on the slightly too mushy stage outside. I cut them in half and planned on giving them to the chickens for a little treat. Tomar Leche’ came and changed my mind.

Tomar sniffed the half orange and tried to take it. I turned the orange rind up (alpaca have bottom teeth, not top ones). She gently took a grind of the orange and swallowed, and repeated this about eight times. I was so impressed! Needed that camera!

Next I turned on the sprinklers close to the house. As I walked towards the bottom of the pasture to turn those sprinklers on, I turned around and Tomar Leche’ was hogging the sprinkler! Totally running in the sprinklers (figuratively). Another alpaca joined her and the two of them got drenched. Should have had that camera.

Lastly, this was so good that I really needed the camera because I can’t remember what it was. It was good, though. Maybe I’ll remember it!

Moral of this story: take your phone with you just in case you need to capture a moment (so you can remember it).