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Poor Charlie - Update

On the most recent fight that Toby and Charlie had, Charlie got the worse of it. Because of this, today I am taking Charlie on a little ride over the mountains and through the woods. He’s going to return a changed man.

I’m hoping that neutering Charlie will take the edge off their relationship. If it doesn’t, Toby’s future will also change drastically.

Charlie has an infection (hot spots), as far as I can tell. It’s probably from where Toby grabbed him. These guys have definitely had better days. I have had better days. Seeing them being so mean to each other hurts my heart.

Charlie is resting on the cool, green lawn in the front of the house. He’s still dopey, but doing well. He’s still probably wondering what’s happening. Not drinking or eating yet, but by 5:00 pm he should be better. Hot spots are cleaned up and I’m applying ointment to them as well as making sure he’ll have his meds.

I’ll keep him there tonight and tomorrow so I can step outside and watch him closely. Toby hasn’t said anything about Charlie’s absence. I’ve got Toby on meds too, for his cuts and battle wounds.