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Windy but Fluffy

Lora feeds fluffy Caramel Sundae and Norah June
Sometimes my husband and I joke about how constantly the wind blows in our little Wayne County, Utah. We say if it ever stops blowing, we'd actually fall over!
Seriously, there are days and weeks that it seems the wind never stops.
We have had a lot of wind lately. Because last week we had severe wind several days in a row, one of my former teachers, Lora, needed to postpone her visit to the ranch for a few days. On the day she and her family visited, it was "less windy" and was very enjoyable.
Lora was one of my wonderful teachers when I was the principal at Copper Canyon Elementary School in West Jordan, Utah. During my time there, she taught several different grade levels because she was willing to teach where she was needed. That's a unique quality in a teacher. She was able to relate to both the youngest and the oldest at the elementary level, and she discovered she enjoyed the older kids the most.
While here, she didn't really have a favorite alpaca, but she did find a favorite hat. Maybe more than one hat, actually. She and her family left with several darling one-of-a-kind hats for the upcoming winter months. They also left me with a few hugs after giving the "fluffy girls" grain and carrots and receiving some kisses from them.
It was great seeing her family laugh and relate to alpacas like I knew they would. I love catching up with friends from my former life and seeing them be happy and successful and knowing that I played a small part in helping them be where they are today. I can't wait to welcome them back again.