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Ranch Updates

Starlet was due yesterday. No signs of her being in any hurry. When I was graining last night, she was right in my face, demanding first “dibs” of the grain. She is a little bossy, but some of the others (like Tomar Leche’) help keep her checked.

Charlie is much perkier this morning. I have been giving him extra loves and then I go to the corral and give Toby extra loves. They are both my favorite doggies. Charlie’s face is healing up nicely, and if I can just keep his medicine in his mouth while he chews, we’ll make progress that way.

Guess what? M is bringing Sierra and Izzy with him today as he returns home! I can’t wait to have them help me (clean out the chicken coop) and make soap (we’ve been waiting forever to do this). We also have the first Farmer’s Market in Torrey tomorrow afternoon. I’ll post a picture of the project they’ll help me with, but it has something to do with “Black Gold.” Some of you may know what that could be. For the rest of you, I hope you will have a smile on your face when you see my packaging and what it is. I’ll also be selling alpaca yarns and hats I’ve knitted at the Farmer’s Market. Maybe Sierra or Izzy will help me, or maybe they’ll stay back with Grandpa.

Have a good day. I’m cleaning and getting ready for my little ones.