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Some Good News and Some Bad News

Which do you want first? The good news or the bad news?

That’s what I was given this morning as Staci came into the house.

She had helped me with morning chores.

Which did I want first?

The good news.

Well, the good news was that the alpaca enjoyed being sprayed by the hose, especially Tomar Leche’. They played in the mud and enjoyed their morning showers.

The bad news?

Charlie (or Toby) got one of the geese. Stacy told me it was dying in the pasture.

I got ready and got out there as quickly as I could.

Under Charlie there was a fluff of feathers and not much movement at all.

I approached and asked him to “leave it” which he did. I gently picked up “Pink” and held her tight. Toby came up and then Charlie and Toby both wanted to have another go at Pink.

As I sat on a chair and lovingly held Pink, I saw that she was not bleeding, not injured besides her pride and a few top feathers.

These boys just don’t want to share their areas with the geese and I don’t know why. We’ve had them here for almost a month, and yet I haven’t been able to integrate them into the large pasture.

I’ve had success with one dog at a time with the three geese. Once the second dog is in there, it all breaks loose, if you know what I mean.

Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated!