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It was a Great Weekend

It’s hard to write everything about our past weekend. My dear friends since elementary school, Terri and Lorrie, spent three days and two nights here. We laughed, explored, ate, traveled, and more. We connected and reconnected. We’re like three sisters that were born in separate homes.

M and I didn’t do any spinning or knitting Sunday night, because M and I watched TV and just Vegged. After a fun-filled weekend we needed it. After spinning for six hours straight Saturday, I needed a break.

Starting on today, we’ll be doing our last-minute preparations for our Open Farm Day. Hopefully we’ll have some great sales. We’ll have stuffed alpacas (not real ones, you guys), hand-knitted hats, hand-spun yarns, alpaca jewelry, cotton alpaca socks and more! Remember, you can purchase a bag of pellets to feed our alpacas for $5 a bag. All dollars earned towards our winter shipment of grass hay that’s ordered.

If you’re planning on coming, YEAH! If you can’t this year, we’ll be doing this again next year. You see, it’s a yearly thing that alpaca farms/ranches do.

PS We’ll be missing you, Terri and Lorrie! Thanks for the memories; it was a great weekend.