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Celebrating - June Fourth

Welcome Circle Cliff's Silver Breeze
We celebrate today the beautiful cria (baby) that joined our ranch one month ago today, Circle Cliff's Silver Breeze. Born to Circle Cliff's Oprah and Springtoo Oh Geoffrey, she's called "Breeze" because her birth was so unusually fast Toni Lamb and I needed to help clear out her lungs for about 15 minutes after she was born.

When she was three weeks old (last week), she weighed in at 30 strong pounds.

Breeze is now nursing well, eating grass hay, and nibbling grain from the ground that's left if mama Oprah accidentally drops any from her mouth.

Many visitors to our ranch are choosing to visit the girls (you have your choice of seeing the girls or girls (or both for an additional fee) because it's always fun to see a cria as cute as she is.

We've saved her cria tips (it's the fleece from her her first shearing when the shearer takes off the first fleece that has the amniotic fluid on it). I'll be using that in a wet felting project that I'll share with you at a later time.

No longer sporting her pink coat or any coat because it's pretty warm here, Breeze will be playing NIGHT GAMES (running like a zombie) which is fun for me to watch on the cameras. She's quite inquisitive and active when it cools off, and during the day she'll "chill" but will most likely check you out when you come here if you don't chase her.

Oh, crias are just the sweetest gift that can grace an alpaca ranch. We love it each time we are blessed with a healthy little one.