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Two Years Today!

Officially, it’s been two years ago today that M and I bought our first five alpacas. Carol and Tom, from River Bed Ranch Alpacas, helped us choose the perfect girls and the perfect herdsires to “expose” them to.

Now, exactly two years to the date, we have our five girls PLUS four crias from these girls. They are amazingly wonderful, all nine of them, and we have a total of 22 alpacas.

Last night I was looking at tummies. I did a ‘spit’ check with Neshaki, and she sure spit on Geoffrey. Maybe she is preggie.

Dream Catcher: preggie
Tomar Leche’: NOPE
Tabby: NOPE (will try again next weekend)
Ariel: YES
Porshe: YES
Lacie: YES
Pixie: I think so (YES)(she’s a maiden)
Angela: YES (she’s a maiden)
Praline Sundae: YES

June through July I’ll be hanging close to home, mainly in the mornings.

Yes, we are excited!

Yes, we have ordered additional panels for the new nursery.

Yes, we will have some crias and teenagers and Herdsires for sale. Even if it kills me.

Yes, you can p.m. me and tell me if you want to help with the shearing, due in two weeks. I don’t have the date yet.

YES! We are loving this lifestyle, and would love to help others enjoy it all to heck!

Thanks, Carol and Linda G and Linda K, for introducing me to the world of the alpaca.