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Things to Do

Geoffrey is looking good!
On the “Things to Do” list is:

1. Wire the girls barn with lights and a few outlets;
2. Caulk the outside office;
3. Resolve what to do with a feisty male (Geoffrey) who bugs the crap out of others (Probee), and resolve what to do with Probee who bugs the crap out of others (Al Pacacino);
4. have Jasmin’s cria arrive here healthy, and keep her (?) warm; and
5. take pictures of and market my yarns and hats and alpacas.

It’s a start. I appreciate M so much in helping me with these goals. He’s a hard worker and a good problem solver. He’s also a wonderful listening ear. I look forward to checking these things off our list and moving on to more. Time seems to speed up for me at this time of year.

How about for you?