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Ranch in Motion

It’s a delight to spend time with my little herd of alpacas. I did my morning chores and then took time to enjoy them this afternoon. A little more grain, some tummy rubs for Charlie and Toby. (Yes, they are behaving and getting along.) Getting the hay wagons filled and ready for “dinner” is something the alpaca enjoy watching, and directing.

This afternoon I enjoyed watching bellies as well. Since Starlet is past due, Pixie doesn’t know if she’s pregnant or not, and Dreamcatcher is due in 1.5 weeks, I’m trying to decipher a belly breathing and eating versus a cria moving or kicking in the belly. I certainly don’t have that skill down, but I’ll work on it.

Thanks for following my webblog!

Tomorrow, I’ll be at Royal’s (Loa’s main grocery store) giving information out for Color Country Animal Welfare. Stop and say hello as I’ll be there from 10:00am to about 12:30pm. Someone else will be there until 2:00 pm.