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Sweet Finnegan SirPrize

Jasmin didn't let me hold Circle Cliff's Finnegan SirPrize unless I tricked her and separated her little guy in the nursery without her. Sometimes you have to weigh the crias (babies) and give them medications and just handle them. Jasmin is so very loving and watchful of her little ones trickery is the only way.

Currently, Jasmin will let her little guy run and play with his best friend, Circle Cliff's Neapolitan Sundae (Polly) and the two of them stir up their own fun. Mommy will hang and eat and do her own thing while the youngsters are off running, playing "night games" or whatever they choose. When our ranch visitor and guests come, however, you may see Jasmin get a little closer to her little boy just to keep an eye on him and his safety.

Don't get alarmed: she has no intention of spitting on you or taking you on. She knows you won't be administering shots or picking him up. He's way too heavy.

Sidenote: There is a prize offered to the first guest who successfully has Finn eating grain out of their hand. I'll remind you of this challenge, and I hope you will be the one to suceed!