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My First Time

I’ve always looked at ladies who pull their horse trailers (and alpaca trailers) as being really cool. Thinking, “Wow! I don’t know if i could ever do that.”

Today I get to have a shot at this. It’ll be my first time to “look cool” and get my alpaca to Richfield. Tchairo has an eye infection that isn’t clearing up, and Neshaki is looking way to thin for my liking. She also has a little discharge in her eyes, so I want to get that taken care of.

M and I did a practice run through Bicknell today, and I survived. He did too!

Now, in about an hour, I’ll put the truck in “hauling mode” and head over the mountains.

Wish me the best.

I’m glad Dr. Johnson is willing and able to help M and I (and Butch from Grover, Utah) as we need someone who is knowledgeable and willing to help us when it’s needed.

Want to know how the story ends?