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Django 2020

Who would have guessed we’d have a Christmas gift such as our little Django? In a year of COVID-19, isolation from so many friends and family members etc., I’ve learned that if there is something that is meant to be, it IS meant to be.

Django was meant to be. Tchairo, his mother, is seventeen years old. She’s our beautiful and stunning blue-eyed white matriarch. We brought here to our ranch five years ago because we and Sierra and Izzy adored her. She took on the role of matriarch and has bossed all the girls around, which was expected.

Tchairo has also mourned and hummed with sadness and envy every chia’s birth that has taken place on our ranch. She’s never been intentionally bred by us, and little did we know she had plans of her own.

Geoffrey is our “stud muffin” who just can’t get enough of the ladies. He’s looking over the fence railings, the chicken coop, and humming while doing so in angst over the ladies in the pasture next door. He just loves the girls. Period. He’s been introduced to quite a few of them, and has produced so many gorgeous cries to date. In facet, Archibald Henry, one male, has his same libido and characteristics and will make a fine hardwire next spring! (My good, educated guess.)

Tchairo plus Geoffrey.
Some time in December 2019 these two characters made their way … together without our permission … and the only way I found out was when I was doing my afternoon chores on December 4th was I saw a dark, new little cria out with the girls. SERIOUSLY! I called M on the phone and told him we had a baby boy!

I started lifting tails to see who he belonged to and TCHAIRO! No way you naughty girl!

Django is a blessed gift to both Tchairo and to us. He is the most unique little cria we’ve had born to us. Colors of white, black, brown, light and dark gray all blended up in beautiful fleece: this doesn’t even begin to describe this little angel, a Christmas 2020 gift we shall never forget.