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Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas

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A family Adventure Visit

During Spring break 2018, we made an appointment for a family from Utah County who planned to come to the ranch to visit and explore what Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas had to offer. They are a fun group of a mom, dad and three delightful young boys who travel the state of Utah and do an honest write-up about their adventures.

I like to get an idea of what any of our visitors would like to experience so I can plan their visit to be as perfect for them as I can. Before leaving, I asked the boys the question: “What is something new you learned today?” It’s the teacher in me — I need to solidify at least one good memory that they can take with them as they leave us. Yes, once a teacher, always a teacher.

Please enjoy their honest review of some of their experiences. I can say it was a blast for them AND for me! I will always remember the boys’ smiles and curiosity as they explored the different aspects of what our life is like at our little ranch.

And remember, we appreciate all donations because they help pay for the grains and carrots provided during your visit.