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Love my Children

Having one daughter missing in our little family reunion was pretty hard for me, but it’s important to focus on the positives.

I was lucky to have three of my four children here at the same time!

Staci (right) is my eldest daughter. She’s a real joy to me. She’s upbeat and ambitious and helps me in many ways. She and her three kids will be coming back to spend almost a month here after she spends time with her inlaws. I can’t wait to get going on our projects (like doing a wet felting class together). I love her.

Michael (middle) is my oldest son. He jumped in and spent almost three full days helping me declutter the basement. It’s actually liveable now! He moved things around just like I wanted him to do. He gathered up many 40-pound black bags of my “precious treasures” and carried them to the trash. He’s now back in Virginia and I miss he and his wife and five amazing grandchildren he’s blessed me with. I love him.

Kevin (right) is my Utah boy. He’s been my strength when things are hard. He’ll bring his girls down here on holidays and weekends when he can get away. Just knowing that I can count on him makes me feel safe and secure, even if we are miles away. He’s easy for me to talk to and confide in. I love him.

Missing from the reunion was my Stephanie. The baby, the heartbeat of my heart. The girl who shares so much with me and lets me share my deepest thoughts with as well. Just a phone call away. She can make me laugh and cry in the same conversation. I love her.