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My family is quite scattered across the country. However, one son is here in Utah. He makes great efforts to come and visit us, as we don’t leave the “ranch” much due to responsibilities here.

As I came home from a quick trip to town, K and S mowing the front lawn for us. I didn’t ask, but he saw the need and got to work. After that, he put the sprinkler on the lawn to help green it up.

Other little things:

Fixing the nesting box in the chicken coop;

Helping his dad with the irrigation system;

Hauling garbage to the garbage cans at the end of the lane;

Dragging the hose and filling up the hot tub without griping;

Trimmed all of the weeds leading up to the garage!

Taking S for rides on the “Velvets” and on the old highway road, and just being a great daddy to her; and

Playing games and being a good, competitive player. I LOST BIG TIME! Farkle!

I appreciate the fact that he plans his time off-time to spend it with us.
I appreciate the fact that J lets the little come here often so we can spend time with them.