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Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas

Let our Alpacas Put a Smile on Your Face

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Looking to reduce your footprint? Hate using chemicals in your laundry? Looking for an all-natural alternative to dryer sheets?

Give our 100% Alpaca Fleece PacaPuffs* a try!

Hand Crafted at Circle Cliff Ranch. No two PacPuffs will look alike. These are all-natural, containing NO DYES and these will last well over a year. You may save up to 45% drying time for a load of clothes using only three PacaPuffs. The more PacaPuffs, the faster the drying time, and that saves time and money!

PacaPuffs will circulate and separate the clothing, reducing drying time, softening fabrics, cutting down static, decreasing lint and reducing wrinkles.

This is a great alternative to conventional dryer sheets that may contain toulene and strene — two solvents known to cause cancer and damage the neurological system.

PacaPuffs are a great alternative!

To Use: Take your PacaPuffs out of the bag and place all three in the dryer. Use a lower heat setting and less drying time than you are used to. Add a few drops of essential oil to one PacaPuff to scent your clothes, if desired. If your PacaPuffs lose their antistatic properties, simply put them in a load of wash and then put them back into the dryer.

$5 each or Three for $13 Plus Shipping

Order your set today!

*PacaPuffs are approximately 2-3 inches in diameter. No two are alike.

*Currently, Porshe and Neshaki are our happy fleece providers.