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Surprises in Life

There are always going to be surprises in our lives. Some are going to take us over the top in happiness; some are going to challenge us!

M and I are trying to get my parents down here for a visit before it no longer means anything to my dad. George Arvin Brinkerhoff (dad) was born in Bicknell, Utah and raised here and in Loa and on the mountains as he was sent off to herd sheep and stay away from home. My mom doesn’t want to come here. She’s gone from staying five nights to coming down Saturday afternoon and leaving Monday morning. I say she stays home and we just take dad. Dad says he had a hard childhood. I think I did too. Those challenges we’ve all faced have done us some good, if we’ve learned from those lessons.

As I was doing my farmer’s market booth yesterday, walking past my table was a former teacher of mine from Copper Canyon Elementary! Stephanie Rich, and her daughter McKenna, were there on vacation. What a great surprise for me! Her parents had traveled from California to visit Capitol Reef National Park with Stephanie and her brother. See her (and hearing of her fifth grade class’s high math scores on SAGE) was the highlight of my day! We haven’t always gotten along and have disagreed a bunch, but she’s a great teacher and I think that time has softened those past feelings we’ve had.

I came home to find M and Britton (what would we do without Britton?) finishing up what PVC pipes he had to work with in our irrigation system. We heated up dinner and watched “The Catch” and settled down for the evening.

How was your day? Have a great Sunday!