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Shear(ing) Success

It was a great, but windy, day!
Our girls and boys gave their all, and so did our wonderful family and volunteers. We were busy from 8am until around 4pm, with a 40 minute lunch break somewhere in there.
With our 28 alpacas, and our dear friends Toni and Jim bringing their 12 alpacas here, we successfully had 40 alpacas safely shorn by around 3pm. What a day! We were in sync pretty much all of the day, with a few overlapping people being trained to cover each other if someone needed a break. We had two different teams doing the noodling and gathering 2's and 3's, sweeping, cleaning any pee or spits, and a few different men trimming nails. Quite efficient this year!
Our dear friend, Kathy, was here for the sixth year. She's really a trooper! She wins the award for the most consistent and thorough volunteer. She's a quality control gal too. If we aren't doing it correctly, she'll softly remind one of us to rethink and reconfigure what we're doing.
More info. and Photos to come~Please check back later!