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Shearing Day 2018

Our 2018 shearing day is coming! It’s a red-letter day for us. This year, on April 10th, we are using a Utah team and we’re shearing earlier than our usual time (June).

Last year, we lost our Angela and her sweet cria, in part due to the fact that she was shorn too close to the time her cria was due.

The shearers are lined up, our helpers are ready, and we are expecting a fun (even long) morning as we prepare to harvest the beautiful fiber are alpacas will gift us. I can’t wait to see what we get! (We hope the weather will cooperate, too, because if it rains or snows we will have to postpone shearing,)

After shearing, what happens?

*The skirting.
*The carding.
*The spinning.
*The plying.
*Choosing to dye or not.
*The knitting. Etc. Etc.

The luxurious feel of alpaca cannot be compared to any acrylic that you have ever touched.