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Dream Catcher's Update

Kevin took Dream Catcher’s halter and lead from me. I had separated D.C. into a smaller area that makes it easier to catch the alpaca. He walked softly up to her, and with soft words and actions, he slipped the halter on her as if the two of them have done this dozens of times.

Really? Is K the alpaca whisperer and I’m not?

I’m not. It’s not quite that easy for me.

K brought DC around through the gate and into the new chute, with the scale in there as well.
M and K had tried the scale’s accuracy to see if it worked. It worked! Then they realized that they hadn’t turned it on and reset it, so the guys took DC out of the chute, and started all over again.DC played nicely and did it again. 202 pounds. Seems like a lot for this little pregnant girl, but my guys said it is accurate. (Checking with her former mama, Carol, she said that the weight is good, and it could be aNy TiMe!)

I tried to cut nails and DC was definitely not in the mood for that. Kicking and more kicking. With the rain coming down and the clouds looking like it was going to continue for a few hours, we decided to be happy that we got her weight, and k led her back to the corral with her friends. Whew.

Thanks to my guys for helping me with this task.

I will keep you posted on DC’s cria’s birth and will post pictures here too! Stay tuned!