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Yarn of Many Colors

I have a special order for hand-knit hats that must be complete before Christmas. Before, if at all possible. Before Christmas if my right hand and wrist don’t give out on me. Not to worry — I’ve already had carpal tunnel surgery and I should be just fine!

The hardest work is behind us.

*Porshe had her fleece shorn back in June.
*Crooked Fence Mills cleaned and put her fleece into “rovings.”
*My Majacraft wheel and I worked together to spin the most beautiful of yarns.
*Colors were selected and four skeins have been dyed.

Blue: Evvie
Pink: Norah
Purple: Millie

(The coral with some purple hues in it haven’t been claimed (yet) but I’ll be making up something unusual with it, I’m sure of it.)

Now to select the patterns and think heavenly thoughts of these “littles” as I lovingly knit magic and good vibes into each of their individual hats.