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Wayne County Fair!

My first-ever entries into the Wayne County Fair.
It’s our County Fair week, which means a bit more traffic in our little county and usually less phone coverage because everyone is using the cell tower!

This year, we won’t have our family coming down to join us in fair activities, and M will be working in the evenings. There’s no demolition derby; instead, Nathan Osmond is performing. There’s still the great rodeo tomorrow night as well as other events.

My friend Barb and I entered some of our fiber work in the county fair for the first time. Barb entered two rugs she’s woven, and took first place with both! Blue ribbons! Wahoo!

I entered seven items: three hand spun, hand knit hats with different techniques, and three yarns, again, hand spun with different processes. One wall-hanging that I did in a Saori weaving class (yes, I’m hooked on these looms) was also entered. I humbly claim seven blue ribbons for my efforts.

My Grandma Nellie Taylor was such a vivacious lady. She put down roots here when she was in her 20’s along with her husband, Doc Brinkerhoff. She became a widow in her late 30’s (when my dad was just eight years old) and remarried my Grandpa Taylor shortly afterwards.

Grandma Taylor wasn’t afraid to take on challenges and try new things. She took up violin lessons when she was in her 70’s. I think she’d be pleased with my entering the fair for the first time, and would want to encourage me (and others) to follow their dreams. The dream of beginning an alpaca adventure just three years ago (with M’s love and blessings) is another example of what would have made her happy! I’m sure.

I guess what I’m trying to say as I summarize — follow your dreams. Don’t let fear stop you. We don’t succeed in everything we attempt, but don’t be someone who gets at the end of your life and says that you “wish” you would have gone after your dreams.

Who knew what my alpaca path will take me, but I know that every day that I look out and see my happy ‘pacas, I know that this was the right adventure of us.