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Saori joins Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas

Weaving Suri alpacas & silk
Weaving Suri alpacas & silk

August 2018
I had my birthday. Really. It’s so nice to have one every year. Seriously.

I went to a Saori weaving class a week before my birthday with my friend, Linda B., and we immediately fell in love with the Saori style of weaving, the loom, and the philosophy behind this kind of weaving.

Enter work meetings.
The Special Education Law Conference (yes, on my birthday) was in Utah County. On break, I happened to check “Facebook.” What popped up on “Marketplace” was a gently used Saori WX60 loom.
I read through the ad, and couldn’t believe it! This loom was used for only three months, was in perfect condition, and it was $300 less than the purchase price (plus, I wouldn’t have to pay tax on it).

Road trip.
Since I had driven my personal car to this conference, I called the number and drove to ‘meet’ my future loom.

Before I even knew it, I had this beautiful creature in the back of my car, paid for by my best friend, Venmo, and thought to myself, “now what?”

And now.
I am making connections with other Saori-inspired people. I’ve taken a few classes from Canyon Wren Saori (Karen) in SLC, and even found a great WX60 loom in Arizona for my friend, Linda B! (Linda bought three of our ‘boys’ and spoils them at Bergstrom Farms in Bluffdale, Utah.)

I’m weaving my heart out! Scarves, wall hangings (took first place at the Wayne County Fair), table toppers, and yards and yards of this beautiful Suri and silk alpaca yarn for someone I’ve never met before.

Endless possibilities.
I’d love to have looms here so you, if you’d like to, can join me and learn to weave. Or knit. Or crochet. Or needle felt. Or spin. I’m still figuring this out. Stay tuned!