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Happy Fourth of July

Our fireworks are not found in a package or need a match to set them off.

Our fireworks are the vibrant exchanges between kids and kids, kids and adults, adults and adults and back and forth.

We have a game going on the kitchen table upstairs and the game table downstairs almost nonstop.

Sophie, Sierra and Mason are practicing getting their spinning feet working. (No alpaca fleece will flow between their fingers until they’ve spent at least ten hours each on the wheel.)

Eight family members have moved on to the next step of their celebrations. We miss them and made amazing memories and formed healthy family bonds.

Today we have a few things planned.

Chores!!! (feeding alpacas and chickens and dogs, watering, gathering eggs)

Another cria?

Picking apricots at Capitol Reef National Park?

Shooting at the shooting range?

Four-wheeling on the Boulder or Velvets?

Cleaning bedrooms?

We shall see!