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Back to Work

You may think I’ve been retired. I can flex these muscles of mine and show you that I’ve been back to work all year, but in a different capacity.

Do you really think a retired wimp could buck a bale of hay, turn sprinklers when it’s our water turn, shovel alpaca black gold, feed the chickens, throw grain to the geese, give shots to the alpacas and other medicinal things without some braun?

Well, yes they can, but doing this ranch thing HAS helped me be even more “buff” in many ways. And it’s been good for my waistline as well.

Now about retiring. I am the new Director of Special Education for Wayne School District. Albeit a part time job, it’s going to be a challenge getting everything done, and being everywhere that’s needed, on a part-time basis.I have always loved Special Education and so this is a great opportunity for me.

So, my retirement will now be divided between my love of my husband and Circle Cliff Ranch with my two and four-legged critters, and the love of the district and it’s children and staff members. Throw in all those other things I love (like my family and grandchildren, Fiber arts, Color Country Animal Welfare, The Wayne Business Association, Wayne County Seniors, my church, baking, and my wonderfully supportive friends and mentors) and I think I’ll have a busy but productive year.

Please wish me the best. It was a nine-hour day at school on Monday. It’s part time, remember. We’ll see.