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New Friend

On Monday afternoon we met new friends. Where were they from? The license plate on the white car said California. The grandchildren guessed China. The grandchildren were right.

I had loaded up Sophie and Bryce and the three dogs into the Mule to add something to our new geocache box created a couple of weeks ago. As we drove down our winding driveway, we saw three visitors taking pictures of the alpaca; one visitor remained in the car.

I stopped and asked if they would like to wait for ten minutes and we’d let them get closer to the alpaca. They said they could wait.

Upon our return, we found out that they had been through Yellowstone Park and were now going to head to Bryce Canyon. These amazing people (who live close to Hong Kong) were enthralled with the alpacas. Tomar Leche’ was the star, of course. Tchairo and Angela and a few others ‘graced’ them with their presence as well. We got some great shots.

Tomar Leche’ kissed the mother’s head a few times, and we all got some cute pictures. Together, we Americans and our new friends, the Chinese, made some great memories.

I’ve shared this Circle Cliff address and they promised they would send me some pictures.

I hope that happens.

If it doesn’t, we shall not forget the time we spent together, bridging two nations together, over the love we shared with the alpacas at Circle Cliff Ranch.