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Spring Break? We need a Break (in the Weather)

Welcome to Utah! Our weather changes from warm to COLD to warm and back to cold without notice.
Last year we were taking off the coats we had on two of our alpacas, and this year we still have their coats on.
Last year we were loading up alpaca "black gold" for our friends who have greenhouses, and this year we haven't even advertised it on Facebook.
This year it's still pretty cold, and yet, we have blue, blue skies and clean air.
We are enjoying the beginnings of Spring Break and love our ranch visitors.
Because we love meeting people and we understand how good it feels to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. We understand how good the fresh air smells, the sunshine on our faces feels, and the what the connection with the alpacas do to us individually.
If you haven't yet been here, please put it on. your "TO DO" list this Spring, but don't put it off.

PS Spring Forward happens Saturday night, March 12th at midnight.