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Much, Much Better

Our boy, Django, went to visit Dr. Jake. He handled the ride so well. I was able to halter him with no problem, all by my self. I walked him into doctor's office and Dr. Jake and his helpers go the X-ray equipment out. Mike and I helped hold Django still, which he did stand so nicely.
The break in his leg is healing nicely, and Dr. Jake feels like if Django is restricted in his movement (play area) for 4-6 more weeks, he should be able to be "good as new." We are betting on that!
Django's blue cast was cut off, and I walked our big boy back to the trailer. Django was not so sure on his little foot without the support of the cast, but these few days he has been getting used to putting more weight on his leg. He'd rather be out with his buddies, but he's doing alright in his smaller area with the extra grain and fresh water and hay that he gets every day. I try to give him a little more love each day, and although he tries to sneak past me, I'm keeping him securely in his little pen.
Please keep praying for our little guy. We really want him to heal completely so he can be back to his rough and tumble, playing everywhere little guy.