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Django and the Big Boys

Django in the car
Django and leg splinted

Django and leg splinted

Django's leg in the cast

Django's leg in the cast

When Dhango hit one year old, we celebrated by giving everyone a little extra grain and we sang his birthday song to him. Django received some carrots and some extra attention. His buddies, Redford and Ollie, had been spending time with him and everything was going well.
Unfortunately, while I was doing my "blessings" I accidentally let Bentley into Django's area and the other boys left. Bentley and Max were doing fine with Django for a few days until the girls started doing a little "girl on girl" piggy back time. That made Bentley start piggy-backing on Django right when I began doing my chores in the boy area, and I was ten steps behind when I heard Django let out a cry!
I knew something bad happened and I ran into see what was up. Knowing there was trouble, I isolated Django and phoned the vet (Dr. Jake). I was able to get a ranch visit that evening, and Dr. Jake was as sure as I was that there was a broken bone involved.
On Wednesday that week, I loaded Django up with M's help and Django rode in the back of my car. Django has a little blue cast on his leg. This week he'll have a follow-up x-ray to see how the bone is healing. I'll keep updated.
This has broken my heart! Poor baby!