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Catching You Up

Good morning from Circle Cliff Ranch. It was 37 degrees this morning when I went out to do chores. M had been doing the chores, morning and night, while I was with Steph in Alabama. Today I went out and did it in my dress and Carhart coat! (M later asked if the dogs were impressed; they didn’t say one way or another.)

My mother has moved in with us, and the transition has been ok. We are still working out the ‘kinks’ and a friend, Johanna, brought me over a wonderful book (36 hours) which should help me as M and I work with her and have the patience and understanding that we need.

I’ve been checking bellies, and we will have some crias on the ground this summer! June and July. We hope all goes as well as it did last year, and that our two maiden mommies and I will be able to get things figured out.

This last week I have been spinning some of Geoffrey’s rose gray fleece. OH MY GOODNESS! This is absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to ply it tonight and set the yarn. I WILL post pictures when I’m finished.

My mom keeps asking me if I have hung this up to dry yet. She knows that after I ply it’s washed and hung up, but she’s a bit confused as to the spinning and plying part. Mom keeps saying, “boy, that’s a lot of work.” I say, “yes it is.” That conversation goes on for a few minutes, and I reflect that yes, it is a lot of work, but is it work if you love doing it?

Last night I made freshly ground wheat bread. It took forever to raise (maybe too cold in the house?). I went to bed to read and M stayed up and baked it and bagged it afterwards. (Big thanks to M!) It made a great breakfast with some Amish butter and locally grown honey. (If you want to try my recipe, it’s on this blog.)

Have a super Thursday, everyone. I’ll try to do the same.