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Update 2:40 pm

I’m convinced the due date is wrong. I have to believe that as there is no sign of a pending delivery. So we’ll concentrate on keeping everyone happy and healthy and planning on a cria in the nearer future.

M will need to help me so I can get my “samples.” I’m prepared with a my microscope, got my slides, got my tubes and tube holder, and have my recipe to make the solution to capture those parasites etc. that we may find. I’ll start with the crias.

And speaking of the crias, they are separated from their mommies. A few other girls are in with them because those girls didn’t want to leave. The hay is always greener on the other side, I’m convinced.

There are two spots for foot bathing today, and they are favoring the one that is the hardest to get to.

Our alpaca love discovering new things, and they love it when we change the configurations of their pens as well. I used to love to change around my bedroom and living room furniture. Nowadays, it stays the way it is because the furniture is too heavy.

To my grandchildren that are reading my posts:

Dear Grandchildren of mine:

We are going to have so much fun this summer. We’ll do our usual service project of cleaning up after people who throw trash on the trails. Grandpa and I have officially adopted the two-mile stretch of highway in front of our ranch. We’ll do our usual scavenger hunts. We’ll bake and cook a lot. We are going to do some sewing, knitting, and maybe make a quilt. The experiments we’ll do, well, I just can’t wait. What we’ll find around us that we’ll put under the microscope lens — that’ll be fun too. Don’t forget about the rides we’ll take on the four-wheelers and the Mule, and swimming in the community pool and playing in our hot tub. Maybe we can play in the river and hike at Capitol Reef National Park. I will count on you to help me with the alpacas and the dogs and the cats.

Love, Grammy