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Grateful Hearts

Circle Cliff's Harry James and  Circle Cliff's Zorro Cloud

This is the time to really give and express thanks. We think it, and we need to say it as well.

We are grateful and thankful to each of you who have supported and helped us here at Circle Cliff Ranch Alpacas. 

Thank you to those who have visited us at our ranch. Any profits of your visits and purchases of alpaca-related items go directly to keep the alpacas, doggies and chickens cared for.

Thank you for supporting small businesses and shopping local. This means a lot to us.

Thank  you to our community for welcoming us eight years ago. We love buying our hay and supplies locally as well.

Thank you to our family and friends for supporting my/our dream of living in such a beautiful area and living the alpaca lifestyle. Alpacas really are unique animals; it's a blessing to spend this time in our lives with them and share it with many of you.

We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and wish you the best.