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Love our Friends and Visitors

This past week we had friends from our former neighborhood come and visit us. We were able to catch up on the ‘scoops’ and share our ranch with them. We weren’t able to take them up on the Velvets but that’ll be something to look forward to next year.

I was able to show them the differences in alpaca and sheep fleece and wool, and do a little plying demonstration. The last yarns I plyed are some of the loveliest I’ve done. I tried to make the yarn a bit more bulky, and it’s just amazing. I’m keeping it for myself!

Back to my friends — we went to dinner last night at the Sunglow (no pies for us) and visited some more.

So fun to have Duane and Pat here. Enjoy the rest of your time discovering Wayne Wonderland, and come back soon! God speed.