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Welcome to our Last Little Girl #Cria

Tabby’s delivery of a beautiful little girl!was a more difficult one, but she’s a beauty and she’s here. She was 20+ pounds. This is by far the largest female cria this year!

Thank heavens for Linda K who was here to do breedings. She and Ted got here and Ted held Tabby while Linda helped maneuver the cria’s front legs. They were “stuck” and Linda did a gentle rotation of her shoulders so she could come out!


Thank you, Heavenly Father, for helping with the timing of everything and for sending the help WE needed today.

PS I have been spit on so many times by angry mommies. I grab their crias and weigh them and that ticks the moms off like nothing else!

I’ve taken my second shower and feel better.

Pictures to be posted when I have more energy.