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A Protective Momma

Starlet is past due two weeks. Meanwhile, she is very concerned about Angela, her yearling.

Since Angela still calls to her mama, her mama still listens and calls back. It’s hard to listen to, but Starlet’s milk is reserved for her new cria (whenever she has her).

Starlet spit on M the other day. It was intentional. He was standing between fences and Starlet was worried that he was going to hurt her little girl. Of course he wasn’t, but like I said, she’s still protective.

Each morning I hand feed Starlet her grain. She probably wouldn’t have done this with Linda K, but for some reason she still really likes me.

When it’s foot bath time, Tomar Leche’ and Starlet still have a mild “foot war.” Because of that, I purchased two additional foot bath tubs so that the eleven of them can spread their feet around and try out new foot bath locations.

Oh the fun of this alpaca mama life!