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Caramel Sundae

Sweet Caramel Sundae's future at the ranch didn't turn out as we had hoped.
Her little cria was very large, and was not positioned correctly. For many, many reasons which I am choosing not to elaborate on, both Caramel Sundae and her daughter, Angel, are pronking (running) around on heavenly pastures and enjoying their happiest times together. When I get to heaven, I hope to see their big, brown eyes and get reunited with them both!

Celebrating Caramel Sundae, she was fondly named our "derp" by Sierra and Izzy because she always had her ears tucked behind her. She and her biggest eyes would follow us around everywhere we went. Stubborn to a wonderful fault, and nosey, noisey, talkative, etc., she would let us put a halter on her quite easily and would even learn to "kush" or go to the ground on command when we asked her to.

Beautiful fleece was something that Caramel Sundae gifted us with from the very beginning. Her mama, Praline Sundae, and papa, Probee, were responsible for that. But if you were to ask Caramel Sundae, she would have proudly told you that she decided to give her best, and that her parents had little to do with it. I could always tell I was spinning her fleece because of how it felt in my fingers. It was like spinning a combination of butter and heavenly clouds.

Always coming to greet me with her smile and noises, I miss seeing her first thing in in the mornings, running to be first at the, very most. I'm still looking for her out there amongst my herd. Maybe they are somewhere just beyond the shadows.

I love you, my girl.