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I Have Butterflies!

Tomorrow (Monday) is our shearing day! We’ve worked hard, M and I, to get everything ready. One last suggestion was made tonight for us to get a leaf blower and blow off the vegetable matter on the alpacas! Great suggestion. M said it’s not very noisy, so we’ll start off by just starting it and letting them get used to the noise, then start chasing them around. Just kidding. Hopefully we won’t have to because the cord isn’t that long.

I’ll take some great shots, hopefully, so you can enjoy it all. Maybe next year I’ll have an alpaca-cam. If I had one, would you check often and watch what’s happening at our little ranch? Wouldn’t it be fun to see a little cria born?

Speaking of crias, I’m thinking that the “action” of shearing day may start some of our girls into labor. Kind-of like taking a bumping ride when you ladies wanted to get your deliveries started.

I’m excited and nervous about our shearing morning, as it’s the first we’ve done here. I actually have butterflies. M and I helped last year with 50+ alpacas at Blue Moon Ranch in Woodland, Utah. The entire responsibility was not ours, but this year it is!